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Mike tells the story that according to his Mom, he played rhythms on his highchair tray with his fork and spoon.  He graduated to a set of drums at age 14, a Ludwig combo set.  

He played snare drum and tenor drum in the Canton High School marching band from 1961 to 1966 and was awarded Most Talented in his Senior class.  Mike’s high school band director, Carroll Schafer, was a big band drummer before teaching band.  Mr. Schafer’s influence on his playing is still present with Mike today.

Other drummers who had a significant influence were Howie Johnson and Mel Taylor with
The Ventures; Hal Blaine, drummer for Nancy Sinatra; big band drummers such as Buddy Rich and Louie Bellson; and the “steady as a watch,” Ringo Starr.

Mike’s first playing gig was at age 15, playing with his brother, Richard (lead guitar) and friends for the Canton Labor Day Festivities.  He then became the drummer with a band called The Shadows, of Waynesville, a band that became well-known in Western North Carolina.  By age 17, he was the drummer for Bill Norwood and The Trio, playing at the Grove Park Inn and many other venues around Asheville and Hendersonville.

Through the years, Mike has continued to be a committed drummer, having had the pleasure of playing with many fine musicians, including Totally Different and Deep South.

For Mike, The Elderly Brothers drum chair provides the opportunity to not only make music, but enjoy performing with a group of talented musicians.

Mike’s motto of many years:  “If it’s not fun, I’m staying home














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